Solicitors' Disciplinary Matters

Having particular expertise in the area of solicitors’ responsibilities and professional negligence, the Firm has also developed an expertise in the area of the solicitors disciplinary matters, representing solicitors before the Law Society Committees, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, the High Court, and even as far as the Supreme Court.

In 2014, we successfully persuaded the Supreme Court (without barristers being involved) to overturn a decision of a former President of the High Court, striking a solicitor off the Roll of Solicitors, relying on legal submissions based on rights under the European Convention on Human Rights in particular, the three Supreme Court judges agreeing that the solicitor had not received a "fair trial". This was the first time that such arguments had been relied upon, and this has opened up a new vista in the law and will change the standards to be applied in evaluating the conduct of solicitors.