Residential Property

We advise our clients in relation to all issues relating to their real estate property and have extensive experience in acting for both vendors and purchasers in residential property matters. We provide an efficient and cost effective service to our clients.

If you are selling your house, we will organise the contracts of sale and all completion requirements necessary to close the sale for you. Quite often the vendor is also buying property at the same time and we aim to make this as stress free as possible so there is a smooth transition of moving home.

When you are buying a property, we will also carry out all the necessary legal work that may be required by a bank who are providing a mortgage. We will carry out the legal work as straightforward and quickly as possible so that you can get the key to the house when you want it. Once you get the key, we will then take care of all stamping and registration matters to ensure you have legal title to the property you have bought.

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