Holohan Law have an established track record in this specialised area of law. We act for a wide variety of businesses offering advice on all aspects of licensing law.

The areas of advice we cover include new licences, transfers of existing licences, renewals, sale and purchase of licensed premises as well as:

Public House

  • Ad interim applications.
  • Special Exemptions for late servings.


  • Special Restaurants Licences
  • Restaurant Certificates.

Registered Clubs

    Entertainment Venues

    • Theatre Licences.
    • Public Music and Singing Licences.
    • Public Dance Licences.
    • Gaming/ Lottery Licences.
    • Bingo Licences.
    • Off Licences.

    Proven Results

    In 1991, Our Senior Partner Bill Holohan took a case to the High Court for one of Irelands premier entertainment venues (The Point Depot) arguing that a public entertainment venue is entitled to a licence to serve intoxicating liquor. It had been accepted for 100 years that it could not, but Bill Holohan‘s legal argument was accepted by the High Court, culminating in the creation of what became  known  as a Theatre Licence.

    In 1998 Holohan Law appeared before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Tivoli Theatre arguing a case as to what constituted public entertainment for such purposes of a Theatre Licence and again, we won!. In this case it was also portrayed to the Supreme Court that in a licensed place for public entertainment, a seat does not mean something one sits on, but rather the space that one occupies in the premises.

    We are well known in the Dublin Metropolitan Licensing Courts and have developed good working relationships with the Gardaí and Fire Officers across the city in seeking to advise and assist licensed premises in their businesses.

    We have obtained licences for the largest entertainment venues and theatres throughout the country, in addition to occasional licenses for festivals and special events.

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