Employment Law

Your parents probably worked at one or two companies over their working lives. That was normal. Entering the work place today is different. Some experts say that you will have approximately 20 jobs in your working lifetime. Those moves to new jobs may be your choice or they may be your employers. When it comes to employment law though, employers and employees keep making the same mistakes. Neither properly protests’ themselves.

Employment Law is complex. There are over 30 pieces of major employment legislation in Ireland. This makes protecting yourself hard. One mistake could cost you tens of thousands of euro.

During employment, there is legislation covering:

  • Absence and sick leave
  • Conditions of employment
  • Data protection
  • Discipline
  • Equality
  • Information and consultation
  • Grievance and dispute procedures
  • Joint labour committees and registered employment agreements
  • Lay off and short time working
  • Leave
  • Pay and benefits
  • Record keeping and NERA
  • Working time
  • Temporary agency workers

Ending employment there is legislation covering:

  • Notice of dismissal
  • Retirement
  • Redundancy

Because Employment Law is so complex, getting advice from someone who understands the ins and outs of employment law is increasingly important. They know how to avoid the common mistakes. They know the details of the law well enough to navigate complex problems.

When problems arise there may be ways of resolving disputes such as Mediation. When such disputes cannot be resolved you may end up in front of a third party.

  • Labour Relations Commission
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Rights Commissioner Service
  • Labour Court
  • Equality Officer

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