Chambers Ireland Business and Commercial Mediation Pilot Scheme

Press Release, 12 September 2015
Bill Holohan Senior Partner Holohan Law has been nominated by no less than two of the Participating / Nominating Bodies for the Chambers Ireland Business and Commercial Mediation Pilot Scheme

The Pilot Scheme

The Business and Commercial Mediation Pilot Scheme, launched on the 1st September 2015, was developed by a cross section of bodies (Chambers Ireland, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIARB), the Law Society (Law Soc.), the Bar Council of Ireland (Bar Co.) and the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland (MII)), each body then nominating suitably qualified and experienced mediators to a panel. The stated objective of the Scheme is of promoting the use of mediation as a cost and resource efficient way for businesses to resolve commercial disputes. The scheme is also supported by the Courts Service of Ireland.

Uniquely, and completely independently of each other, both the Law Society and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIARB) each nominated Bill Holohan, Senior Partner of Holohan Law as one of their nominees to the Panel. Holohan is universally recognised as one of the leading Dispute Resolvers in Ireland. Currently Secretary of CIARB in Ireland, he is an Accredited Mediator, having been accredited by both the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and by CIARB. In 2013 he was awarded the Irish Law Awards Award for "Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year."

What kinds of cases are suitable for mediation under the Scheme?

Provided both parties are willing to mediate, all kinds of business disputes can be resolved through mediation, including for example:

• Boardroom disputes
• Contractual disputes
• Debt resolution
• Defamation
• Negligence
• Partnership disputes
• Shareholder disputes

Holohan was identified as particularly qualified for the Scheme, as he is the author of several books on Bankruptcy, Corporate & Personal Insolvency, the Sale of Businesses, and Professional Negligence.

What is involved?

Should parties be interested in having a dispute referred to the Business and Commercial Mediation Pilot Scheme, they should contact Chambers Ireland to have the case referred to a Review Panel. They can download a referral form from the Chambers Ireland website detailing the nature of the dispute and send it to The Review Panel will comprise of one representative of MII, CIArb, the Bar Council and the Law Society, who review any cases that are submitted. The Review Panel then ascertain whether the case is suitable for mediation, and if so, who is best placed to mediate the case which will then be referred to a suitable mediator from the Panel of Mediators who will organise the initial consultation with the requesting participant.


An initial consultation with the requesting participant will be held at no cost, at the end of which an estimate of the likely fee will be provided in writing. The designated mediator will be responsible for the sourcing of a venue and agreeing a price with the requesting participant.

Who to contact about the Scheme?

Further Information can be obtained from
Chambers Ireland or Holohan Law
Phone: (01) 4004331 (01) 8727120 / (021) 4300734
(087) 2920983

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